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Matters of Opinion: Now a Multiple Contributer Site!

For some time now, I’ve been kicking around the idea of making Matters of Opinion a multiple contributor style site. After all, I would love to see Matters of Opinion morph into a viable think tank of sorts, sort of along the lines of National Review, with different people with different thoughts writing them out.

Especially since my election win in November, and my new job where I will have to be doing even MORE school and studying, I simply do not have to time to fully operate this site on my own (as frequent visitors could see, with my posts gaining more and more time between them).

I wanted to build a team (like the Avengers, sort of, get the picture now, eh, eh?) of people that  wouldn’t just parrot each other, but could disagree in a respectful way. The first two that popped into my head were Mike Neal, the leader of the Young Conservative Alliance and the Lake County Young Republican head (just to name a couple of his accolades) and Rich Ferber, my buddy from school who moved out to Vermont, where he helped to manage Len Britton’s campaign (the Republican with the clever ads) and has been doing some heavy research work.

Both are great people with different ideas about different things, and both are an asset to MOO. I’ll get the About Me section updated to an About Us section, and will be doing some redesigning as well some time after the holiday season. I look forward to this change up, and hope you all do!

-Travis Gearhart

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  • Oct 25th 201215:10
    by Brent

    So Travis, which one are you again??

    So try to keep up the writting as life fills up every second of your time. The out of control spending this country thinks it can continue will have a great impact on you and your kids. Vote to stop it before it is too late. Just think if it gets real bad your parents will have to move in with you. I was going to try to get to the blog for the debates but didn’t make it – work too much. Enough rambling but one last thing. Should we continue to support foreign governments with $$’s or cut that spending to N=0, seems like we spend alot for little return.



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